Antiperspirants: Helpful or Harmful?

Sweating…it’s a natural thing. We all do it, some more than others, but it is a function that is equally important to all mammals in order to control body temperature. Antiperspirants were developed to help block sweat from being excreted by sweat glands whereas deodorants were created to mask the odor skin bacteria may produce when in contact with sweat. Deodorants were never really thought to pose much threat to our health; however, antiperspirants have been reported to cause serious illnesses such as breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Are these allegations true? Let’s discuss…

Many antiperspirants contain chemical substances such as aluminum and parabens, which have been thought to enter our body when applied to the underarm. Even though this may be true, the amount that is absorbed is so minuscule that it’s effect on the body is negligible. Aluminum salts do not work as antiperspirants by being absorbed in the body but by causing a chemical reaction with sweat to form a physical plug in the sweat duct. Even though traces of parabens and aluminum have been found in breast tumors, causation has never been proven. Some researchers have reported that aluminum compounds and parabens can cause tumor growth by mimicking the activity of estrogen in the body’s cells. However, there has never been any evidence to support this hypothesis. As for the correlation between aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease, the assumption came about when high levels of aluminum deposits were found in Alzhemier’s patients in a study carried out in the early 1960’s. Since then, these findings have never been duplicated and there has never been any definitive evidence to show any link between the two. Lastly, some people believe that toxins exit our bodies through our sweat and that using an antiperspirant will trap those toxins in the body. This is completely false. As mentioned earlier, perspiration is a function used by the body for thermoregulation, not as a means to eliminate toxins. Toxins are mainly eliminated in our urine and feces through metabolism by the liver, not through our sweat.

So, go ahead…be sweat and odor free! Use your antiperspirant with a clear conscious and do not give in to the rumors that you may have read on the internet. Without scientific evidence, assumptions should never be treated as facts. Thanks for reading. This has been your dose of Vitamin Jas.




Put Down that Coffee and Grab Some Kombucha!

If you’re a coffee lover, like myself, I’m sure you’ve been warned by someone, at one point or another, about how harmful it is for you. Even though it’s been said that one cup of coffee a day is good for you, how many people just drink one cup a day? You may think that venti triple shot latte you get at Starbucks is considered “one cup” because it comes in just one cup, but you’re wrong. Excessive caffeine consumption can lead to many long term problems such as anxiety, high blood pressure, insomnia, thyroid dysfunction, electrolyte imbalance, stomach ulcers, “caffeine headaches”, kidney stones, gallblader stones…I could go on but I think you get the point. Same goes for those energy drinks filled with caffeine and B vitamins. There’s only so much vitamin B12 your body can absorb in one day. The rest comes out in your urine. So you are just left with some expensive, bright yellow urine and no energy. So what should you do? I have the answer…

Kombucha is an effervescent tea-based beverage that gives you sustained energy without the crash. It has some caffeine in it, but not nearly as much as coffee or other energy drinks, and it has a multitude of health benefits that come along with it as well. Kombucha contains a vast amount of probiotics. I know you have heard of antibiotics which kill bacteria, but probiotics are the “good bacteria” that are in your body that help regulate your normal bodily functions such as digestion. That is why having kombucha after a large meal is so great becuase not only does it get rid of your food coma, it helps digest your meal as well. Kombucha also helps detoxify your liver, boost your immune system, works as a potent antioxidant, increases your metabolism, lowers your blood pressure, hydrates the body, balances the body’s internal pH, aids in healthy cell regeneration, and helps normalize blood sugar levels. Kombucha will give you as much energy as one of those triple shot lattes, but will not cause you to crash 2 hours later. It will give you energy that lasts for hours and will not harm your body or cause any long term problems.

Kombucha can be found in most health food stores, however, I like GT’s Organic Raw Kombucha found at Whole Foods. My favorite one is the original, but if you’re looking for more healthy goodness, it also comes mixed with ginger, citrus fruits or green leafy vegetables that they have labeled as “multi-greens.” Thanks for reading! This has been your dose of Vitamin Jas.